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Brand Video


Football’s changing.

Forget CGI, polished photo shoots

and scripted monologues.

It’s time to get real.


The world is a terrace.

And everyone’s watching.

We’re all bound by our love of the game.

Players, coaches, fans.

But no one can live without the others.

That’s real football.

And we’re taking you closer than ever.


From the TV to the training ground.

Behind the scenes of the behind the scenes.

Into the lives of your favourite clubs and players.

All in one place. All at your fingertips.

Never have fans so far away been so close.

We’re making footballers humans again.


Because a football club is more than

concrete, seats and grass.

It’s the laughs, the heartbreaks,

 the shocks and the celebrations.

And we’ve got them all.

Before anyone else.


For the first time,

every club and every player

are working towards one goal.

This is more than a front row seat.

This is the home of real football.

And you’re all invited.

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